Account Manager


Job Description:
• Coordinate the development of brand business plan, analyses and prepares brand sales targets and ensures all plans are in alignment with corporate directives
• Ensures that brand sales objectives are met in line with brand image
• Discusses and coordinates with dealers and retail stores on the brand performance at shop level and provides adequate support to enhance sales function
• Evaluates buying plans, stock limits and ensures healthy stock levels at all times.
• Monitors and controls aging inventory, analyze sell through in order to develop action plan for slow and aging merchandise
• Ensures divisional operations of purchase and sales distribution in smooth & effective manner
• Responding to the customer requirements ( Dealer & Retail Stores) in terms of product ordering, collecting of payments, liaise the delivery of products to the agreed locations and other marketing & POS material requests
Business Unit:
Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor degree in Sales/Marketing, management or any related field.
Skills Desired:
• Excellent Communication skills in English
• Knowledge of Arabic /other foreign languages preferable
• Excellent brand management skills
• Excellent product knowledge, stock management and sales skills
Years Experience Desired:
Minimum of two years experience in sales and marketing of watches, jewellery or related product

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